For over 40 years, Wendell Trading Company specializes in products and services which beautify and maintain local landscapes and horticulture. Our facility serves retail and commercial customers locally. We stock a wide range of fertilizers, soil amendments, agricultural chemicals, application equipment and other landscaping supplies needed by lawn & garden professionals for the incredible plant diversity found in Singapore farming, nurseries, gardens, turf and recreational parks. We serve large users in the nursery industry, agriculture, and golf courses which keeps our prices competitive. For home gardening, we carry products packaged small enough to care for that one special garden of home owners. Our clientele places its trust in us for up-to-date products, affordable price and efficient delivery and has rewarded us with a steady stream of professional gardeners, landscape contractors and golf course superintendents who regularly purchase our wide range of products.

We are the exclusive distributor of the following brands:

Amega Sciences
Annapolis Valley Peat Moss Company